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Rejoignez-nous pour construire l’Afrique de demain

DNA investit et accompagne des sociétés innovantes à fort potentiel de croissance (i.e. « startups ») en Afrique

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A propos de nous

Croissant des investissements dans l'Afrique francophone

The DNA is an Angel Network based in Dakar (Senegal) investing in early stage companies throughout the WAEMU region and contiguous countries.

We look for tech-enabled businesses building innovative solutions to solve important African problems and serving a significant market.

Diversité d'un réseau professionnel et qualifié

The DNA members are investment professionals and/or industry experts, selected for their ability to contribute in achieving the overall objectives.

Members are significantly involved after the investment in helping portfolio companies achieve their goals.

Platform for operational support

Our members are successful professionals who are willing to invest their time, experience and network to support very promising startups across Africa.


Notre équipe